Welcome to the Jewish Community of Tidewater.

  • United Jewish Federation of Tidewater

    The Federation strengthens and perpetuates Jewish life. As a leader and facilitator of collective action, we develop resources to meet the needs of our worldwide community, partnering with local, national and global organizations. We allocate resources, care for those in need, rescue Jews in danger, enhance Jewish security and champion the State of Israel. By accepting responsibility for one another, we improve the world with acts of righteous giving and social justice.

  • Tidewater Jewish Foundation

    The Foundation educates individuals, families and its affiliates on the rewards of philanthropy and facilitates the philanthropic process through planned giving and endowments. Foundation grants and distributions serve the needs of Hampton Roads, the United States, Israel and nations worldwide. Donors partnering with TJF and its Federations and other Affiliates can achieve their philanthropic goals and create their legacy for future generations.

  • Simon Family JCC

    The Simon Family JCC is dedicated to encouraging tolerance and inclusivity in the community by providing facilities and programs that are open to all. The standards for excellence and inclusivity for its social, recreational, health and educational programs remain rooted in its Jewish values and which remain a guide for all future actions. It stands as a common meeting ground promoting enrichment and unity for the Jewish and general community.